Airplane Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreams about airplanes, like dreams about all modes of transportation, may be addressing the path you are on in life, how fast you are moving and how much you are in control of your life. Consider what the plane is doing, who you are and where you are on the plane for further insight.

Airplane’s in dreams are a very important dream symbol that shouldn’t be over looked. Depending the context of the dream the positioning of the airplane can change the meaning. If you are flying a plane with out any difficulty is a positive symbol of your life going smooth to the next destination. You are more in control with your destiny. If somebody else is flying beside you, you might have a helper or guide along in your journey. If you see a plane and your on the ground suggests that you will achieve your goals. If you notice that the plane is crashing to the ground represents setbacks. If the plane is crashing and you feel in danger imply s that you set your goals too high.

Seeing yourself being present inside the plane when it is going down could be indicative of lurking suicidal thoughts or possible suicidal tendencies. If you happened to be an observer of an airplane crush, this could mean that your subconsciousness could be hosting thoughts of committing homicide. Finding yourself in the aftermath of an airplane crash means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductive.

Flying an airplane in your dream means that you are about to pursue a dream that you've had for a long time. You will soon take those first steps in realizing this dream.

Watching an airplane in the air is a sign that you make every effort to separate yourself from others and from the reality of this world. You try to avoid anything that is new and strive to make things constant because you are afraid of any major change that you may face.

Top Most Related Dreams to Airplane

The Following Dreams Seem To Be Related To Your Dream

  1. Designing an airplane - Dreaming about designing an airplane is a warning that the risks you took to pursue a venture will be in vain. Your project is destined for failure regardless of how hard or how long you work on it.... Learn More!
  2. Airplane in front of you - Seeing an airplane in front of you is a sign of happiness and prosperity. You will be faced with unexpected joy because of success that will come into your life in the future.... Learn More!
  3. Jumping off an airplane - Dreaming of jumping off an airplane is a symbol of unfulfilled dreams. It means that whatever plans or aspirations you have at the moment will not find fruition. It also signifies that these endeavors... Learn More!
  4. Problem while on airplane - Having a technical problem on an airplane or a malfunction while you are in flight tells you that you are spreading yourself thin by having too many plans and projects happening all at the same time. ... Learn More!
  5. Taking a flight on airplane - Taking a flight on an airplane is a warning against possible loss or failure. You might be placed in an undesirable position because of decisions you make about finances or projects, and this will bri... Learn More!
  6. Quickly descending airplane - Being on a quickly descending airplane means that you are about to suffer a great loss of material wealth. This will cause you much sorrow and pain in the process.... Learn More!
  7. Remains of an airplane crash - Finding yourself in the aftermath of an airplane crash means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductiv... Learn More!
  8. Going through an airplane crash - To see yourself being present inside the plane when it is going down indicates lurking suicidal thoughts or possible suicidal tendencies and could also mean your subconsciousness can host thoughts of ... Learn More!
  9. Exiting an airplane with daughter - Dreaming about flying on a plane has negative connotations. It points towards some rash decisions you may have made in your waking life which could negatively affect you financially. This negativity i... Learn More!
  10. Trying to find mother after an airplane crash - Witnessing planes go awry whilst vacationing in a hotel likely reveals the negative repercussions of lofty dreams and ideals. You could be reaching too high with impractical and unattainable aspiratio... Learn More!

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