Alcohol Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

If you are drinking too much alcohol in the dream it might be a symbol of you drinking too much. If you do not have a drinking issue than it could imply that you need to be more focus on life and stop escaping reality.

May suggest highlighting a waking life issue with alcohol abuse.

To dream that you are drinking rubbing alcohol as a potent alternative to liquor is an indication that you are about to meet and rub elbows with interesting characters who would keep you entertained or leave you somewhat star-struck. As luck would have it, you could become more acquainted with some of these characters and spend enough time with them to be able to address them on first-name basis.

This dream alludes to your heightened awareness of mortality. The waking life could have triggered thoughts about death and existential concerns. Riding the school bus with a mix of young and old folks reveals your personal journey characterized by continuous learning based on your experiences along the way. The alcohol consumed on the bus, which supposedly brings you closer to death the more you drink it, alludes to the risks you take throughout your existence in this world. It is always a choice of safety and comfort over taking a leap of faith towards your dreams.

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