Aliens Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Aliens explained:

Could the alien be an unknown aspect of yourself that you recently discovered?… Do you feel alienated in your walking life? Could this be a dream where you think the people around you could all be different than you? If you where taken by an Alien that could imply you might be taken against your will by something you dont understand.

Trains or images similar to train movement in dreams are often thought to represent our path in life and the road we take to get to where we need to be. In this case, your train is going very quickly and seems to be disorienting you, meaning your life may feel outside of your direct control at the moment. You probably feel powerless to change its course or lack the confidence to exert your will. In order to escape the harsh reality you may currently be in, you may prefer to turn to the fantasy world and hide from reality. However, this dream cautions you not to waste time avoiding unpleasant situations. Instead, it would be better to make small steps to take control of your surroundings.

Dreaming about being among or one of military people like soldiers or troops could symbolize upcoming news. In the dream, you had a teammate and were fighting an alien - an unknown, strange enemy. This could suggest that the news is about an upcoming struggle with some unfamiliar force, problem or influence. The out-of-the-body experience could reveal the need for extraordinary strength to overcome these difficulties you could be facing. Yet, you may be supported during your battle, given the presence of your friend in the dream. The return of the alien force and the seizures you had are the signs of exhaustion when first attempting to deal with the problems, but your friend or friends would encourage and support you to continue your pursuit. The symbol of fire is often very positive, speaking of transformation, renewal and new beginnings. Overall, this suggests that there exists some impeding or current difficult issue to overcome, which will leave you emotionally drained. The outcome will probably be some significant and favorable change or transformation, one which may be related to yourself, your present life or issues you could be facing at the moment or are about to experience.

To fully understand this vision, we should look at the signs in reverse order, starting with the police. Visions about being arrested or stopped by the police usually portend receiving an offer which seems to be very beneficial to you, especially monetarily. You may be tempted to accept this offer, but the first sign, seeing aliens stealing bags, suggests that this may be too good to be true. If you pursue this opportunity, you may find yourself in legally and morally questionable circumstances.

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