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Being on a beach or at the shore is one of the most common dream settings. Large bodies of water, like the ocean, are usually considered to symbolize the unconscious and our emotions. We can think of dreaming as “swimming” in the ocean of the unconscious. So it would only be natural to start our swimming from the beach, which is a place of transition between the land and the ocean. A dream about a Beach then can be a metaphor for the transition between the conscious and the unconscious or between the waking and dreaming states.

When we dream of a beach its is a very important dream symbol that shouldn’t be ignored. We know that water represents our emotions state of mind. It is important to remember what was the state of the water? If you remember it being rough or dangerous represents you are worried about a sudden change in your life. When the water is calm and clear this symbolizes that you are at peace with yourself. If you are on the beach and looking at the ocean suggests a major change that is currently happening in your life. If you are in the water and looking at the beach, indicates that you need to come back to reality. Sometimes we just need some R & R. Dreaming of relaxing on a beach might be the unconscious mind telling you that you need a break from your daily activities.

Any dream to do with an earthquake suggests that there will be a major change for good or bad in your walking life. This is a dream that you should pay close attention to and if you handle the earthquake in a good way it means you are going to overcome the obstacle. Being injured in the earthquake symbolizes that you would be shaken up in your life. The location and people in your dream would represent who would be affected by the changes in your life.

May suggest confronting or facing your emotions, or something in your unconscious.

A sandy beach with soft white sand in dream visions is a highly auspicious symbol associated with prosperity and a relative well-being. It alludes to living a comfortable life and feeling at peace with your decisions and position. You are not concerned or afraid of what tomorrow holds for you or your family.

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An earthquake on the beach

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