An ex trying to throw out of a moving va

An ex trying to throw out of a moving va Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/friend may suggest that something or someone in your current life is bringing out similar emotions that you felt during the relationship with your ex.

Relocating or moving to another place of residence likely reflects your discontent. You could be craving for a change of pace, whether it is from work or in personal life. The daily grind could be driving you to boredom, hence you seek an escape or look forward to adventures. You may get what you wish for as a job opportunity would come your way promising a more challenging and exciting work environment. Alternatively, you could meet someone new who would reignite your passion and motivate you to pursue your dreams once more.

Rarely do we live and work in the same place all our waking lives. We often go through major life changes requiring us to move from one house to another and/or from one job to another and so dreaming of moving may suggest that you are going through a major life change – leaving the past behind and preparing for what lies ahead.

Dreaming of a former partner in love may indicate the presence of unresolved conflicts or disagreements in your current relationship. These issues should be alleviated as soon as possible to avoid their development into major discord that could ruin your alliance. Dreaming of an ex-lover could also be the harbinger of an upcoming conflict with your current partner in love due to a constant process of comparison you are making between him or her and your former darlings. This evaluation may be unfolding in your subconscious mind without manifesting in specific thoughts or actions, but arising before you in the form of an ex-lover in a dream.

To dream that you are moving to a big and cozy new house in a nice and happy neighborhood, when you are feeling restless, discontented or unhappy in your current home for some time now, could very well be referring to you unexpectedly relocating to a new place or residence in your waking life. It would be better to re-assess where you are located right now. This could mean a whole new life and perspectives presented to you after relocating and growing roots in the new place where you would be relocating to.

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