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Any animals that appears in your dream has some significance but can hold a different translation depending the type of animal and the context. It’s very possible that the animal holds the same characteristics as you? A dog holds a different symbolism then a elephant so to remember as much detail helps figure it out. Did the animal provoke you or attack you? Who was with you when it happened? To truly understand your animal dreams hop over to our dream forum and post it and out professionals will guide you to the right meaning. The animal might be instincts that you or others possess, for example a dog might suggest masculine behaviour.

Seeing animals in your dream which are represented by bulls indicates that your creative energy is mostly channeled through sexual passion, most frequently in the form of brute force and uncaring attitude, which negatively affects your relationships.

Seeing multiple bulls in one area, such as on a farm or in a pen, is often considered a fortunate or positive image in the realm of dreams, as it is often tied to the idea of wealth, happiness and prosperity. You are likely to see an increase in the value of your capital or work, particularly if your career is business-related or you buy and sell things. If you noticed that these bulls were grazing contently at this time, this wealthiness would manifest in a relatively short period of time, leading to other positive benefits like fame and admiration. For those currently in romantic relationships or with their eyes on someone special, you are likely to receive a proposal or get asked on a date by the individual you fancy.

A dream in which you witness several red bulls moving around pointlessly, without an owner or herdsman to guide them, is a classic omen of ill future. As a rule, it indicates the possibility that in the upcoming future your neighborhood, city or area of residence could be stricken by an infectious disease outbreak which would result in huge damage and losses for a great part of its population. Although this cannot be foretold with confidence, be aware that you, your family and local friends could also be affected by the impending pestilence.

Dreaming that you are witnessing wild animals dying is a symbol of your firm resolve to uphold what is right and reject evil outright. Forces would conspire to sway you in the direction of a corrupt, unjust, immoral system in relation to your work, business or relationships, but your unbending stance and fierce resistance would foil such wicked plans. On the other hand, a dream vision of a dying domestic animal evokes a deep, if not disturbing, feeling of pity in the observer and is ominous of an unpleasant or unwanted occurrence in his or her life.

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