Ants in a jar of jam Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Ants in a jar of jam explained:

Dreaming of jam represents you are caught in a situation. Its a metaphor for jam, and something is jamming you per say. If you are spreading jam then it has to do with you and how you are giving of yourself for others, remember you need time for yourself or youd be stuck where you are forever.

The dream signifies your emotions of being taken aback by someone or a situation. Otherwise it indicates your need for security and shelter.

This symbol is quite common one that suggest something might be bugging you. Ants can also imply hard work, teamwork and cooperation. It can also be a play on words about you’re “Aunt”.

If you find yourself dreaming about red ants, this is a warning that should not be taken lightly. Soon in the future you may find yourself at a party and end up drinking excessively, which could result in a nasty hangover the next day or even more threatening damages to your body.

Dreaming of seeing a glass jar being shattered, or of shattering a glass jar yourself is an ominous sign that represents deep regret. This sign portends that very serious and unfortunate events might soon come your way. This sign can also indicate serious long-term problems, such as a chronic illness, or contracting a disease that is difficult to get rid of or impossible to treat.

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