Arguments during an important event and

Arguments during an important event and Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May suggest feeling something significant is about to happen.

May symbolize superiority or authority.

A dream in which you perceive yourself to be a survivor of a tsunami event has positive connotations. It signifies that all your projects and endeavors would be met by successes and triumphs.

The image of ice on a hot summer day is a neutral symbol in the dream world. Whether it is on the floor, in a glass or in a larger body of water, this sign suggests there would be a sudden, drastic change in weather conditions in reality. For example, the temperature may suddenly drop precariously, leading to an increase in snow or a storm. It is also possible that a hurricane, thunderstorm or tornado may hit your area, causing many inconveniences or even damaging some property.

To see the sun during a solar eclipse, perhaps during a partial solar eclipse or before a full eclipse occurs, means there is hardship and suffering ahead of you. The darkness that falls on earth during an eclipse symbolizes the darkness that would fall upon you, the sadness and the grief you would feel, because of a tragic incident or a possible failure. Fortunately, since an eclipse does not last long and only happens momentarily, this means that the darkness would be over soon enough.

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