Bad Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Bad explained:

Dreaming that you feeling really bad represents that you feel somewhat guilty of a move you made. You may feel that your not needed in life. If you so happen to be acting bad in your dreams, symbolize your need to lighten up in life. If your committing a crime or inflicting pain on others, represents a fear of going past your boundaries.

Dreaming about rotten or bad-smelling fish is a good sign of big profits you are about to receive either unexpectedly or as result of hard work and diligence.

May symbolize negative thoughts or disapproval.

Encountering a bad or lingering smell from a nearby fire in your dreams is a sign you are about to discover there are bad rumors or ill gossip spreading around about you in an attempt to discredit you and damage your reputation.

To dream that your abdomen is in bad shape, for instance when you touched your abdomen in the dream and there were unwanted bumps and areas of fat that were not there before, could reveal a possibility of distorted lies and rumors spread by those who dislike you in reality. You may want to pay closer attention to those that you associate with in your waking life and whether they have good and pure intentions for you. It would be best to stay true to your values and beliefs to ward off those who are trying to stain or destroy your reputation.

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  10. Being in a bad mood at a reception - If you see yourself in a bad mood at a reception, such a dream can be taken as a significant warning of a death of a close relative. Someone you hold very dear to your heart is about to pass away.... Learn More!

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