Bait Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Bait explained:

Dreaming of bait can mean that you are going to catch something unexpected. You may use your manipulate skills to get what you want. Its possible that you may be “Fishing” for work you have done and want recognition. It is also possible that you might be the one who is “Bait”. If your dream was pleasant or bad confirms whether you are the bate or not.

May symbolize your attempt to fish for a compliment.

Dreaming about using worms as bait when fishing is a reflection of being drawn into a routine. This vision may serve as an indication that your current way of dressing is too plain. Changing your wardrobe and style a bit could help you stand out in the eyes of other people. Perhaps it is the time to try that new hairstyle or a pair of shoes you have been eyeing. You might get more attention from those around you than you realize, bringing positive changes into your life.

The dream you had about fishing using meatloaf as bait could be indicative of your outstanding ability to handle some tough or challenging life experiences appearing in your waking life from time to time. Since you are describing in great detail the process of preparing for and fishing itself, you must have a personal quality of solving and successfully overcoming what life throws at you while handling things expeditiously, effectively and with great attention. The vision of catching a big fish is also an indication of your popularity among the opposite gender and a great deal of interest expressed by them toward your persona. It could probably be a reflection of some recent encounters when you had to purposefully avoid a certain person just to get away from all of the attention you did not need.


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