Balloon Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

When we dream of balloons it usually has one or more meaning. Balloons can represent your love life or hopes and dreams. If you are holding a balloon and let it go symbolizes that you “let go” of your goals that you worked hard at.… If your balloon pops it represents your stress level. You might feel that your ready to explode in your walking life. If you so happen to be holding on to a bunch of balloons means that you are very proud of your achievements. If you are in the sky in a hot air balloon, suggests that you should snap out of the mood your in. You need to come back down to reality and stop living live in a depressed state.

This could be a build up of emotions that is ready to explode. Who are you throwing the water balloon too? That might give you an indication on who might be responsible for causing this distress.

Dreaming of a hot air balloon implies that you want someone to notice you and look up to you. On the other hand it could also mean that your temper is getting worse as a situation goes on.

May represent 'rising above' unpleasant feelings or situations.

May represent arrogance or an inflated ego.

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