Basement Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Basement explained:

Dreaming of a basement is a very important dream symbol that you should pay close attention too. A basement represents your deep unconscious mind and instinct. You have to remember every detail about the basement because it reflects the condition of your unconscious state. Is the basement dirty? How do you feel in the basement? Who was in the basement with you? If the basement is clean and organized it means that your very secure about yourself. If the basement is dirty and messy, symbolizes that you need to filter out the junk that clogging up your mind. If the basement is scary or eerie looking it means that you are afraid of some aspect of yourself. Basements should never be overlooked as it gives you hints about yourself that you may have ignored in your life. The theme of the basement dream will all appear in metaphors so it might take sometime to decode. According to Jung this is the place where you lose your soul and rediscover it. The darkest parts that we represses within our self’s are found in the basement.

A basement is generally considered to represent the unconscious and the Shadow.

If in a dream you find yourself in some sort of an underground room observing from the basement window a multitude of legs or feet passing by, know that this is a favorable sign. It could be foretelling that soon you would be able to find a long-lost or misplaced object in your household, an item which you have already searched high and low for and eventually grew hopeless of locating. For example, it could be a nostalgic memento, an important personal or corporate document, a book you have never had a chance to finish reading or even some cash you have carefully hidden and forgotten the specific place.

Being inside an abandoned or dilapidated house in a dream typically signals an upcoming encounter that would cause a lot of dissatisfaction regarding the actions of a confidante or someone very close to you. Going into the basement represents your intuition and instinct kicking in upon observing uncharacteristic behavior from the individual in question. Furthermore, the fireflies you find in the basement symbolize the ideas and insights you would gain if you decide to follow your gut. Unfortunately, what you would discover could be disturbing and unpleasant, as indicated by the white spider. Perhaps this is a reminder for you to be extra observant and empathetic in order to spot brewing conflict before it gets worse.

The basement in your dream represents subconscious thoughts and intuition. Perhaps the blue figure leading you to the trap door entrance to the basement is a representation of sadness. Whenever you are spiraling into depression or wallowing in negative emotions, you tend to escape to the world inside your head for self-preservation. Similarly, the masquerade suggests escapism and an inability to face the obstacles in reality. Perhaps you are indulging in unhealthy habits as your coping mechanism, hence your subconscious is forcing you to clean up you act and be accountable for your actions.


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