Bats Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Bats explained:

Bats in the modern world have a negative connotation around them. Usually bat dreams are scary, but don’t be alarmed. Bats usually represent your hidden fears that you haven’t successfully overcome in your walking life. You need to change your direction and stop living in the past by making new goals. It could be possible that someone could be sucking all of your energy dry. If you remember the color of the bat this will help you understand more about your dream. A black bat represents bad luck that might come your way to teach you a lesson. Some say dreaming of a white bat symbolizes a death of somebody really close to you or somebody in your family. When a bat is either biting you or attacking you represents your fears are getting the best of you. If you so happen to see a bat and are not afraid of it means that you are able to see things for what they are worth. To see bats hovering over you head, symbolizes that you recognize your troubles but they haven’t got the best of you yet. Its possible that seeing a bat in your dream is a metaphor of being “bat crazy”.

Bats represent minor annoyances or sources of stress in your life. By sketching the bats, you are trying to communicate to others what aggravates you, possibly so they would not add to your irritation. As such, when the girl replaced the faces with the images of girls wearing red lipstick, it means your rants or your honesty could backfire on you. Instead of being sympathized or listened to, you could end up being accused of duplicity and insincerity. It also means that you need to think about your words carefully or you risk being misunderstood or inadvertently hurting somebody.

Being nocturnal animals, bats are often associated with darkness. As such, seeing bats inside your apartment in the dream alludes to negative vibes and issues taking place in your dwelling. Perhaps you are encountering problems within your residence and you need to relocate in order to avoid getting too entangled in those developing issues. On the other hand, the apartment itself may be a metaphor of your own mindset and the bats are destructive habits and attitudes developing out of your own negative thoughts and emotions. You may need to look inside yourself to root out the origin of your problems.

You are right to feel concerned about this vision as both crows and bats are often associated with terrible things coming to impact your future. It seems, then, that your subconscious is sending a strong warning signal to watch out and be careful. Seeing these creatures outside your window may further point toward this danger coming from the outside rather than something from within your home. It may be wise to avoid dealing with the outside world for some time, especially if you were planning on engaging in social interactions, gatherings or travel.

This dream can be interpreted as solving problems or issues related to people you are trying to impress or get attention of (could be work-related or personal matters) and who are likely rejecting your attempts to establish a dialogue (symbols of bats hanging upside down on a tree). The flying horse represents the way you may succeed in these trials, this communication or dialogue will take place in writing (paper or electronic). When you mention a tree in this dream, it is usually an indication of your shyness or lack of confidence (to some extent) when getting your messages across.

Symbolically, people turning into bats in a dream and coming into some kind of contact with you, point to suffering and great disappointments brought about by communication or interaction with unfamiliar people or complete strangers. Based on the symbols of a stranger standing on a bridge and yourself drowning, you could be very sensitive to what people think or say about you when you first meet them in person. You could be the type of person who does not feel comfortable initiating first contact with others or who is afraid to make the first step in getting to know better new, unfamiliar people. The ending of this dream also reveals that you are much more comfortable and relaxed interacting with those who want to get your attention by using technology, such as mobile phones and the Internet.

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