Beating son with a belt

Beating son with a belt Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May reflect waking life concerns or thoughts about your son.

Dreams involving beating a drum, either with your hands or with drum sticks, are representative of your need for attention. This drive to call attention to yourself and be the bigger personality in your relationships, in particular inside the relationship between you and your significant other, could cause you to not value the input and effort of your partner as much as you should. This could mean over-inflating the value of your contributions to the relationship while ignoring what your partner brings to the table. If you do not address your presumptions, it may lead to serious conflicts in the future.

Buying a belt or waist sash as a dream vision may be interpreted as devotion and fidelity, especially regarding romantic relationships and marriage. Seeing this symbol in a dream not only shows loyalty to your partner, but also stability within the relationship. If it is a young woman who has experienced this particular dream, it symbolizes her integrity and purity before making a public commitment to a man in the form of marriage.

If you do not have any children in waking life, a dream in which you envision yourself being blessed with a son is likely a reflection of your inner search for a personal meaning or true calling in life. Perhaps, you could be harboring doubts about your current profession, weighing the possibility of pursuing a certain dream or just wondering whether you are making the most of your time. Therefore, consider this vision to be a suggestion to assess your strengths, passions, skills and aspirations to increase your chances of making a decision which would eventually be beneficial for you as a unique human being, bringing you one step closer to real happiness.

A dream in which you happen to learn about your own son's murder, regardless of whether you have witnessed him being killed or just heard about the tragedy from an uninvolved person, is a symbol that could be suggesting you should carefully reevaluate your current purpose in waking life. Perhaps, you could be indulging in way too much pointless activities, killing a lot of time with unnecessary distractors or just achieving significantly less than you could. Remember that life is short, and living up to inner and outer expectations is one of the valid ways to making the most of your time if these expectations coincide with your personal beliefs and principles.

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