Becoming a dragon and a lizard Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Becoming a dragon and a lizard explained:

A dragon symbolizes strength and strong will that is embedded in your soul. If the dragon is attacking you, you have to face a major obstacle in your life that seems impossible to meet. If you win a battle with a dragon it means you are going to overcome a fear that’s been bothering you. Dragons also represent powerful aspects about yourself that are useful to you in your walking life.

Seeing a dead lizard in your dream is a negative sign. It is a symbol of betrayal and deceit. The person you are romantically involved with right now, whether he or she is your lover, spouse or a love interest, is actually going behind your back and cheating with somebody else. This person is hiding an affair from you possibly without your knowledge of it. If you experience this vision, take heed and be more mindful of your partner's actions.

Dreaming of becoming gay usually reveals remorse. Changing your current sexual orientation in a vision represents decisions that you may want to take back. Perhaps you have done something against your better judgment and you quickly regret doing it, be it a mistake at your workplace or treating a friend badly. You may also be feeling guilty as you start experiencing the repercussions of your actions. Maybe you need to stop being too reactive when you are emotional to avoid possible problems.

Witnessing the death of a dragon or seeing a dying dragon in a dream alludes to overcoming tremendous obstacles. There may be a challenging task at hand or a seemingly unreachable goal that you have been trying to accomplish. As such, this dream vision is a highly auspicious message about your inevitable success. All your hard work and dedication would finally pay off as the stars align in your favor. You may get promoted at work or be rewarded with a hefty bonus as a result.

Having a dream that you are killing a lizard symbolizes your determination and capability to restore your good reputation. You could be undergoing some trying times in your life and this vision reflects your desire to bring back good fortune. You would be able to do this successfully but along the way, you might need to endure some suffering and humiliation. It might also be the same thing when it comes to your love affairs or business life.

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