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To dream about Bedroom explained:

Different parts of a house have totally different meanings to them. Dreaming about being in your bedroom represents your secretive side and creative side. Your bedroom is a private place that you just don’t disclose to just anybody. Do you remember who was in the bedroom with you? People in your bedroom represents your relationship with that person. What ever events that took place in your dream should be decoded and brought to that persons attention.

May represent the part of you that you do not let others see, the secrets you keep or the desires you do not express.

Dreams centered around bedroom furniture, such as beds, armoires, night stands, etc., predicts that now is the time to invest in quality pieces of furniture, clothing or things otherwise considered a luxury. You may have been struggling financially in recent times, meaning you may have not been able to buy anything other than cheap, temporary items. Now that your situation has improved, you can begin purchasing items that have lasting value and can serve you for many years to come. Bedroom furniture also indicates the beginning of a period of time that is good for networking and making connections that may positively benefit your future, particularly for work and business.

This dream vision of seeing an acrobat or gymnast practicing or performing right in your bedroom means you will be successful at avoiding a situation that would have required you to take unnecessary risks. This would be most likely related to your personal life or romantic affairs based on the notion of your private space where this action was taking place in the dream.

Dreaming that a horse enters your bedroom while you are sleeping or fantasizing may speak of your sexual desires. In particular, you may be sexually attracted to someone specific and wishing that this person would go into the bedroom with you.

Bedroom furniture is often thought to symbolically represent wealth and financial security, therefore, moving furniture could reflect your attempts to balance your finances or find ways to bolster your savings. This is opposed with the image of the hole in the floor, as this symbol is associated with the idea of being distracted or not paying attention to important matters. While your financial situation does deserve being kept an eye on, it is possible you are spending too much time obsessing over money. Other areas of your life may suffer, particularly relationships with your friends and loved ones.

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