Befriending a boy at a restaurant Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Befriending a boy at a restaurant explained:

Baby boys are often symbolic of easy, uncomplicated births for pregnant women. A woman who is soon to deliver, whether it be to a male or female child, would give birth under better circumstances or in better care than the average woman. For a man, this symbol could predict a partner's birth experience or be extrapolated to mean the birth of a concept or the creation of a project or deal.

Being in a restaurant or a diner in a dream may be a metaphor for being served or serving others. It may also suggest that you are seeking emotional or spiritual nourishment, or food for thought.

Dreaming about an extremely small boy could be a sign of existing negative emotions. Namely, you could be feeling unhappy, odd, inadequate, disconnected, frustrated, helpless, confused, nostalgic or abused. Your self-esteem could also be low and you would feel insecure. That is, you would subconsciously feel small.

Having a dream about a cute and adorable boy is an auspicious sign. You could soon find someone whom you find irresistible. You would feel attracted to and admire this person. It is possible that you might end up developing a romantic and intimate close relationship with them.

Dreaming about seeing a crying boy is symbolic of sympathy. It is possible that you will soon show to your family or to someone with whom you have a close relationship that you stand by their side. You would provide them with much-needed support and help by showing how you love and value them and by performing extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity.

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