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To dream about Being a bird explained:

Having a vision of seeing or eating bird eggs in a dream signifies forthcoming unfavorable circumstances or unpleasant incidents appearing in your life. These happenings would impact you in a negative way and might leave you sad, devastated and disappointed.

For pregnant women and couples who are planning on having a baby, having a vision of a tiny, little bird in a dream means that the baby you always wanted will come into your life The tiny bird indicates that the gender of your much-awaited child will be a girl.

A blue bird, perched on a tree branch or seen flying overhead, exemplifies your soul and your dormant skills and powers. There may still be parts of you that you have not yet uncovered which means you are not using your full potential. If the blue bird is just perching somewhere, like a branch or your shoulder, then you may be unaware of the full range of your capabilities. However, if you see the blue bird flying in the sky, then you would soon unlock latent talents and gifts, in relation to your career or even a whole new skill set.

Dreaming about transforming yourself into a bird predicts positive changes. Namely, you could see your life improved. Such progression will probably be related to your financial affairs, your wealth and your social influence and power. In short, your life could be about to become better than it has ever been, principally due to improvement in your economic health and power.

A black bird, such as a crow or a condor, usually carries a negative connotation in dreams. Oftentimes, black birds are harbingers of great misfortune and seeing them in a dream vision serves as a warning to the dreamer to keep a close eye on possible things that could go awry. For example, you or a loved one could get involved in a serious accident which could lead to a possible death. It can also represent an individual with evil motives. Perhaps this person is envious of what you have and wishes to bring you down by exploiting your good graces or exposing your dirty secrets for public consumption.

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Being a bird

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