Being a thief

Being a thief Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May symbolize feeling robbed of something or being afraid that someone will steal my ideas, identity, etc.

Dreaming of being a thief, for example while in the act of stealing something or being arrested and locked up in jail, symbolizes possible humiliation or a downward spiral of sorts. A momentary lapse of judgment could put you in a compromising or embarrassing situation. Alternatively, you could go down a path of self-destruction, maybe rack up a lot of debt because of dependency or addiction to certain substances or habits. As a result, losing control of your life would lead to depression.

A thief caught in the act of stealing then handcuffed or jailed by policemen serves as a stern warning from your subconscious about your tendency to make hasty decisions or jump into conclusions. A bit of forethought and deliberation would significantly improve your chances of success. As much as possible, before doing something risky or careless, maybe give yourself some time to think it through or *sleep on it* so you would have a clearer view of the consequences of each action or decision you need to make.

Helping a thief rob a bank, break into a house or steal a car, means you tend to be too trusting because you prefer to believe in the goodness of people even with evidence to the contrary. Being an accomplice means you are willing to believe promises or get roped in doing certain favors for individuals even when they have a spotty background or a bad reputation. Perhaps this serves as a cautionary message that you need to be more critical of others and consider the realities of life before taking a chance on someone who might endanger you.

Seeing a thief fleeing from the scene of the crime, carrying a bag of stolen goods or inside a getaway vehicle, means you have hit a wall in your current undertaking. There could be a particular problem you are stuck with and your mind has been unable to unlock the answer to it for a variety of reasons. Maybe you are trying to find a compromise that would please all parties involved but it is proving to be difficult since there are a lot of stakeholders to consider. As such, the fleeing thief represents the solution which you seem to think is getting further and further out of reach.

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