Being abused by mother on a birthday

Being abused by mother on a birthday Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

As a birthday is a cause for celebration in waking life, a dream about a birthday may be dealing with a celebration, too. You may have a reason to be celebrating a recent accomplishment or you may be celebrating yourself, the changes you have gone through and the person you have become.

If you are a woman, your mother or mother-in-law may be representing an aspect of yourself that you need to examine more closely.

Receiving a birthday present is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream world. It is often thought to predict luck and good fortune for your current projects and activities. Giving a birthday present to someone else during a vision does not have the opposite meaning. Rather, it represents a lack of respect for the person you gave it to or, if you did not recognize the person, it suggests a general tendency to be disrespectful or flippant.

Having a dream in which you see your living mother to be dead or passing away implies that you are heading for tough times which would involve laborious tasks and time-consuming activities or projects in which you are involved or are going to start in future. It may also mean that you are heading for some disappointment and setbacks, misfortune or losses of some kind.

Seeing your mother in your dream is very powerful. This dream is representing a trial in your life, one which you are seeking help with. Traditionally a deceased mother coming to you in a dream is a positive outcome, a promise of receiving aid in your circumstance. However in this context with your mother requiring your assistance this shows that you will need to be self-reliant right now and not be dependent on the help of others to make it through this current hardship. Specifically right now do not rely on family for help. Persevere and have faith in yourself, you are creative and caring as seen in your relentless pursuit to provide comfort for your mother. Be mindful of your situation and who you allow to help you right now, you may need to use your experience-based wisdom and some creativity to be victorious here.

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May represent a behavior pattern or habit.

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