Being alone

Being alone Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of being alone likely pertains to feelings of isolation and rejection. You could be feeling neglected or misunderstood. Then again, it could also mean that you have a tendency to isolate yourself or become detached from your surroundings. The first dream of being by yourself in a big house while it is storming outside symbolizes disconnection. Perhaps you realize that you are unable to empathize with the problems of others because of your privilege. Thus, this could become a lonely existence. On the other hand, solo travels refer to your quest towards self-awareness. In order to empathize and understand the plight of others, perhaps it is necessary to reflect on your own feelings and behavior.

Living alone is often associated with loneliness, however as a dream symbol it is actually a positive thing. Envisioning yourself living alone means you would soon enjoy the freedom you have been craving. This sense of independence may be about living on your own and standing on your own two feet or it could be a more specific sense of independence. For instance, you could gain the opportunity to indulge in some creative independence, allowing you to implement your vision as faithfully as you want to.

Feeling alone in a dream means the opposite in reality. It means you are surrounded by good friends and family who would be there through your ups and downs. It is a rare thing to have people in your life whom you can trust completely. As such, this dream symbol represents your luck in finding genuine friends and loved ones. Instead of feeling alone as in the dream you had, you would never have to experience this kind of loneliness, so try to take care of the real friends you have.

Dreaming about sailing in a boat all by yourself is a symbol of isolation. Although you might perhaps be unaware of it, you could currently be distancing yourself from a significant other or a loved one. This could result from your current extreme dedication to your work, your duties and your busy schedule. You would eventually have an acute awareness of the solitude and space that had grown in-between of you two. You might regret having neglected your relationship. Thus, you might take the dream as a reminder. Try to keep connected to those you love whilst fulfilling your obligations.

Dreaming of a lone baby can be indicative of a current feeling of loneliness. It can symbolize that you may feel left out or unwanted while in the company of others. It can also mean that you feel a sense of isolation through separating yourself purposefully, even if you enjoy the independence it gives you.

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