Being followed by a murderer Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Being followed by a murderer explained:

To dream about snowfall followed by rain is a sign that you could soon receive good news and bad news in quick succession. This could elicit contradictory feelings of joy and sadness almost at the same time, giving rise to your emotional confusion. First, you would be handed the good news, and your wide grin would indicate your excitement and happiness. The bad news would come next, and your grimace would give your disappointment and sadness away.

Dreaming about murdering unsuspecting friends or relatives has negative connotations. It signifies that you may face trying circumstances in your wake life. These could be associated with quarrels and miscommunication with your loved ones. Since this is a recurring dream, it can also be connected with what you feel subconsciously. Perhaps you think that you are being misunderstood and people are not making an effort to get to know you better. In turn, this angers you a great deal and you feel strongly about eliminating all those who misinterpret you and your true intentions.

Being chased by a murderer or killer in your dream likely portends an identity crisis. The person who was killed symbolizes an aspect of your personality which you have lost or has been suppressed. Perhaps you do not feel like yourself lately. This may be due to peer pressure or some other factors affecting your emotions, thoughts and actions. It is also possible that you are the one suppressing this characteristic in order to fit in and the evidence of the murder is what would give you away. Despite personal or external pressures, you may still feel the need to hold on to the evidence so you do not forget who you really are. Furthermore, the water refers to your consciousness and swimming as far out as you can to hide the evidence is another reference to suppression. Either you want to bury this part of yourself in the deep recesses of your mind so you can commit yourself to this personal transformation, or it could also mean that you honestly do not want to change so you are doing your best to preserve your authentic self. Positive change can only come from letting go of negative traits and recognizing your own weaknesses for self-improvement instead of allowing others to dictate your thoughts and actions.

Being threatened by a killer or murderer in a dream is generally associated with a characteristic or aspect of yourself which you want to get rid of or eliminate. In the context of your vision, the murder that occurred inside the apartment of your boyfriend's mother could mean that you may dislike certain qualities of his mom. Perhaps you feel like she does not approve of you, so much so that you seem to have noticed certain changes in yourself and your behavior in order to get her approval. Your boyfriend may be defending you from his mom, but her authority and influence over him may threaten your bond. Maybe getting to know his mom better would help relieve some tension between the two of you. Spending more time with her and understanding where she is coming from may change your dynamics. In doing so, she would also get to know you a bit better and she would see the qualities that attracted her son to you.

Visions of foxes are usually symbols of deceit and can contain predictions of dealings with cunning and dishonest people, such as a lover who cheats. The notion of foxes jumping on you and snatching your dress could predict that you may experience a detour while pursuing your dreams causing you to stop and calm down for a little while. However, the news about being pregnant at the end contain positive energies. It could mean that, even though it will be hard, you would be able to reach your dreams and fulfill your goals while relying on support and love of those who are close to you.

Being pursued by a murderer or killer in a dream alludes to the loss of identity. In the context of your dream, the murderer who brainwashed your friend may represent an influential figure in your social circle who may be turning your friend into someone you do not recognize anymore. When your brainwashed friend started coming after you in your vision, it means your friend likely trusts the manipulative individual more than you. Perhaps he is encouraging you to embrace a new persona, in the same way that he was convinced to let go of his old ways. Fortunately, gathering weapons and allies point to your firm resolve in sticking to your beliefs and values. You may need to remain resolute and counter the influence of this cunning personality who is controlling the actions and beliefs of your friend.

Your interaction with the men of differing races in this dream could suggest entering a happy, fulfilling period in your life. It is likely your position in life would improve to some degree. For example, you may move to a new house or get a promotion at work. You would be very pleased by this enhancement and likely motivated to continue working hard. This change of pace is likely to be followed by some other extraordinary event, as the symbol of your boyfriend's sudden disappearance predicts. This subsequent happening could be either positive or negative in nature. It would probably be closely related your reaction and work ethics after the first change.

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