Being raped and tortured

Being raped and tortured Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

A dream in which you see yourself being raped must be considered as a sort of a forewarning. It is indicative of the fact that there are certain trials and tribulations in store for you, which will influence people's attitude towards you. It could also portend that you might be forsaken by the person with whom you are involved.

Dreaming about witnessing a crime where a stranger is being raped or sexually assaulted symbolizes frustrations and personal struggles stemming from a failure. You may have put a lot of effort into something which you believed could turn your life around, only to end up gaining little to nothing from the experience. Consequently, you might be blaming yourself for pursuing a futile endeavor.

Dreaming that your granddaughter was raped is rightly a disturbing and horrifying image. In the context of a dream vision, this symbol suggests she is about to go through some difficult, trying times in her life. Actual rape is highly unlikely in this case. Rather, the rape can be taken as a metaphor for her lack of control and the severity of the situation. Because you were the one who saw this vision, you may have subconsciously realized that trouble is brewing. As an older, wiser family member, you may be morally obligated to step in and provide guidance and support in this situation. This extends from advice and a friendly pat on the back to actually teaching her what she needs to know and providing financial aid.

Being tortured in dreams often reveals the dreamer's sense of helplessness in reality. You may feel like you are being bullied and victimized by authority figures or powerful personalities. It can also be an indication of your passive nature. Perhaps because you dislike conflict so much, you would rather acquiesce instead of asserting your rights and defending yourself. Being forced to kiss someone or being kissed by someone against your will likewise represents submission. In an effort to please your superiors, you may agree to take on duties and responsibilities outside the scope of your job description or take on more tasks than you can handle. Such display of passivity could take its toll on your mental and physical well-being in the long run. Maybe your subconscious is encouraging you to stand up for yourself in order to avoid getting on a self-destructive path.

Being raped and then shot at some point during a dream is highly ominous. It suggests that some nearby enemy or competitor is ready to wreak havoc on your life. They could be ready to set into motion a series of events that would greatly impact your daily interactions in a negative way. In order to avoid the worst repercussions in this situation, you would need to be extremely vigilant and take extra precautions against dangerous situations or troublesome individuals.

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