Being snowed in Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Being snowed in explained:

To dream of snow-laden trees poses a dangerous trap. It speaks of your inability to move on from your ugly past which could be bearing you down and keeping you from pursuing other dreams. If you continue to live in regret, you might not be able to see through the thick snow of your past failures and beyond the horizon where a bright future and the promise of success could have long been waiting for you.

If you dream that you are stuck in a house and it looks like you will be snowed in for a while, you could go through a period of bad luck. A very difficult situation may turn up in your personal life, career or current undertaking which would test your limits and drive you to the point of losing faith and giving up. You might actually lose the battle if you do not have the patience and the will to persevere despite the odds.

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