Blowing a kiss Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Blowing a kiss explained:

Having a weird kiss in your dream, like with a monster, a dead person or with lifeless objects, shows that you are under the negative spell of something that is powerful. This can be a psychic or some unexplained force that is ruling your life at the moment. It can also mean that you could be under the influence of unusual circumstances in your life which have the capability to affect you negatively.

Blowing a kiss at someone in your dream reflects your weakness as a person. You tend to be a people pleaser and conform to other people's desires or whims, even though it goes against your own preferences or needs. Try eliminating this habit by being firm, learn to stand on your own in order to be successful in all your goals in life.

Receiving or having a pleasant kiss in your dream signifies that you will attract people that you desire. These people will be drawn to you and will find you attractive. You will find much satisfaction in this because you would feel the same way towards them.

Dreaming that you are giving someone a kiss on the neck shows that you have intense feelings towards this person. You are strongly drawn to him or her and are desiring this person, whether you are aware of it or doing it at an impulse.

Blowing your nose at some time over the course of a dream vision is often interpreted as a positive sign. It portends receiving some money as an incentive to act on someone's behalf or as a gift to improve your current circumstances. The money would come with no strings attached, although you may be inspired to support the provider or pay it forward to someone else when your situation improves.

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