Breakfast Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Breakfast explained:

May suggest a play on the words Break and Fast suggesting a need to quickly take a break from an activity.

Seeing your late mother in your dreams is a very powerful, yet comforting message. The dreams you and your grandmother have had contain very positive images and represent both your deep sadness regarding this untimely loss and a promise of receiving solace and comfort after this personal tragic event. Seeing you mother setting the breakfast table and the images of hugging her represent your strong ties and deep connection between you and your mother, more so for you because you keep focusing on the days and times when you shared love with this woman, love that is still present in your heart and will never leave you. The image of her being in a sailboat has another positive and important message, even with her departure, she is asking you through subconscious channels to remember and cherish the memories of the past (represented by the notion of asking to take pictures) and to remain strong and hopeful no matter what challenges you and your family members may face in the future.


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