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To dream about Brightly burning fire explained:

Fire could be representative of a number of things. However, lighting a fire yourself it not usually a good sign, you may not realize it but you are injuring yourself with inner turmoil.If you dream of getting burnt by fire you are battling with new adjustments in your life. You may be playing with fire and the journey you are going on is not working for you. If you dream of your house being on fire it stands for transformation of your household. If you see someone on fire it means you are trying to get rid of that person in your life and burn those relationships. It could also be a sign that you need to pay attention to your relationships because they would end if you continue to neglect them. If you put out the fire in your dream this indicates the ending of struggles and battles.

Dreaming of seeing hell fire directed at you and hurting you represents returning to the basics in order to successfully cope with life's realities. It also means realizing and learning about things you either accidentally or intentionally left behind.

Witnessing a tree burning bright in front of your eyes, for example when it was set on fire, signifies losses and hardships you may experience very soon.

To dream of seeing your home on fire is actually a good sign. It symbolizes an unexpected but cheerful moment happening soon. This circumstance will encourage and motivate you towards your future and all that it could bring. Through understanding this dream and following through with it, you will lead a satisfied life for a long time.

Seeing a huge fire in your dreams that engulfs more than one piece of property at the same time means you are about to experience success like you've never experienced before when it comes to your business or other projects you are working on.

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Brightly burning fire

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