Buying salt Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Buying salt explained:

May suggest an excess or lack of sodium in your diet.

A dream about seeing or eating table salt is symbolic of becoming a recipient of other people's kindness and generosity. It could also signify an increase in your wealth and a life of peace and prosperity. If you happened to spill table salt by accident while you were trying to season your food in the dream, it indicates the possibility of getting involved in a verbal conflict or disagreement with people close to you, such as members of your family and circle of friends, or people you deal with on a daily basis, such as your co-workers.

Dreaming about buying salt at a supermarket, say to replenish your kitchen supply, is a positive sign which translates to happiness, contentment and harmony in waking life. The gift of life, love, family and material blessings would be bestowed upon you not out of sheer luck but as a result of your hard work and determination to experience everything which is good and noble.

To dream about eating salt on its own and not as part of any food item is a forewarning of a serious and torturous illness. The fact that you seem in the pink of health and far from getting sick at the moment is no reason to be complacent. You might be surprised to discover some dormant disease which could surface anytime soon and develop to an extent beyond saving. Before this could happen, you would do well to make a quick appointment with a trusted specialist and learn what you can do to prevent this potentially deadly health situation.

To dream that you are buying ink, such that when you see yourself going to a nearby ink refilling station and buy an ink cartridge for your printer, could mean that you would be receiving an upcoming news or learning new information. The news could be either positive or negative and may impact you in ways you would still need to embrace. Welcome this news and know that any change it could bring to your life brings along lessons and opportunities to take advantage of.

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Buying salt

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