Causing a waterfall to dry up Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Causing a waterfall to dry up explained:

Watching a waterfall or observing rapid waters flowing at a great speed warns of a frightening encounter. You might soon be faced with an unpleasant experience that might have a profound effect on you.

May symbolize feeling its time to let go or go with the flow.

Walking on very dry sand or feeling dry sand between your fingers, maybe because there has been a drought in the dream vision or you are in a desert, means you may experience a few minor annoyances in your waking life. These irritating things may have become a fixture in your day-to-day, such as a nosy neighbor, a colleague who is constantly complaining or rowdy kids in the neighborhood. Fortunately, these things may not get to your nerves as much as they did before because you have gotten used to them after all this time.

Doing something which causes extensive bleeding to occur, either for yourself or someone else, is a negative sign which portends loss. This could be envisioned in a dream as stabbing with a knife or cutting with glass or metal. In either situation, extensive blood loss bodes poorly for both health and finances in dream visions, as it suggests the loss of profits and revenue in business settings and the deterioration of overall well-being in relation to health.

Be cautious when you see a lot of dry bread in your dream. It foretells a life of poverty, hardships and suffering, exactly the kind of life you have worked so hard to steer clear of. As if these were not enough, you might have to deal with these pains and live under such circumstances for quite some time, so be prepared.

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Causing a waterfall to dry up

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