Ceiling Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Ceiling explained:

When ever we dream of a ceiling it represents how high we can currently go in your walking life. You have finally reached the top. This is a good dream symbol and represent achieving your goal. Now it is time to set your new goals higher.

The ceiling may represent the separation or barrier between your conscious and your Higher Self or Spirit. It may represent a mental or spiritual perspective.

A fly on the ceiling in a dream signifies a toxic relationship in reality. There could be someone close to you who is not fully honest about their motives or intentions especially when it comes to your relationship. Maybe this person is manipulating you in order to use your skills or resources to their advantage. If this is a co-worker, he or she may be trying to pass off tasks to you and then take the credit. Or this unscrupulous personality may be using your knowledge to further their own career.

Finding a hole in your ceiling or roof could reveal your current vices or sinful behavior which are making themselves apparent in your consciousness. It is possible you are in the grips of sin and lack the moral decency to live life in a wholesome, holy manner. Alternatively, this vision could be seen by those having a crisis of faith or by those who have turned away from their religious upbringing in favor of a secular way of life.

Observing water gushing from the ceiling in your dream means that somebody you least expect will interfere with your life. This person would disrupt your peace, intentionally or unintentionally, and it would catch you by surprise. You might be unprepared to face this situation and would find it to be a challenge to deal with.

Classrooms and the school setting in general represent anxiety or stressful situations present in wake life. Seeing boys run out of the classroom could reveal others are in the same situation as you, but rather that enduring unbearable circumstances, they are finding a way to avoid the trouble. This is reinforced by the burning of the ceiling. Not only does the emergency itself reflect how dire your case may be, following the boys who run away could mean you would learn from their ways and not subject yourself to unnecessary pain.

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