Cemetery Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Cemetery explained:

Cemetery dreams are usually a good symbol that means “death” to old habits. You may have fully killed off some of your bad ways and now it’s time to move forward. If you are visiting a plot of a loved one in your dream represents that you haven’t finished grieving over them.

May represent sadness or grief.

Having a dream about walking along the cobblestones of a cemetery and trying to locate a loved one's grave site is symbolic of beneficial departures. It is an indication that you might soon leave home, either permanently or on a temporary basis, to look for greener pastures *on the other side of the fence*, that is, in a place where you may know not a single soul but which may hold the key to your success. Despite the uncertainty, your courage could save you and reward you with a life-changing opportunity.

There are two elements in this dream that stand out. First, the cemetery, does not represent a negative omen, but rather a metaphor for an imminent departure from the mundane or a major change occurring soon. Secondly, seeing someone giving birth is usually a sign of wealth and prosperity, not only for you but also for those around you. So what your dream could be trying to tell you is that you could experience major changes in your life that could force you to leave familiar grounds but, in the end, it could all lead to a much happier and fruitful future.

This dream has a few conflicting images. Churches often symbolize protection and faith, and being inside one represents being in a familiar situation or feeling safe in a certain environment. However, the image of the men who wish to do you harm, particularly the imagery of them shooting at you with guns, points to feeling unsafe, either physically or emotionally. This dream may be showing you that something or someone has come into your life and thrown some aspects of it off-kilter. While you do not mention the state of your relationship with your boyfriend, seeing loved ones at the end of a dream generally symbolizes finding closure and peace of mind after some turbulent experience.

Talking with a loved one who has recently passed away in your dreams could point to a subconscious feeling of depression in your everyday life. Your behavior while interacting with other people might be a good indicator of this inner state. The black candle in the dream further symbolizes how the loss of someone close to you is affecting your waking life, even if you yourself haven't noticed it yet. In this case, you shouldn't be afraid to open up to friends or family about what you are really going through.

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