Chimney Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Chimney explained:

If the house is a representation of your psyche then a chimney would be a release of something burning, something hot.

May symbolize the releasing of sexual tension or anger.

White smoke which rises from the chimney of a house in the context of a dream is often interpreted as a sign of dreams coming true. This means that whatever goal you are currently working towards or project you are working on is likely to be successful in the near future, bringing you happiness and a sense of completion.

Envisioning smoke lazily rising from the chimney of your home is often interpreted as a positive sign associated with happiness and comfort, especially in regards to your family. This symbol indicates a pleasing, balanced atmosphere within the home, making living together very enjoyable for all members of the household. If problems have plagued your family in the past, this could also be a sign of experiencing improvement in the quality of the relationships between family members.

Both the vision of a deserted area and trying to escape the house through a chimney indicate growing tensions and disagreements inside the relationship with your husband. The bolted up doors and the absence of windows in the house could be pointing out the lack of communication and unwillingness to listen to what one or both of you have to say or share. Not surprisingly, your subconscious mind is suggesting to resolve this standoff in communication by conjuring up the symbol of a bucket of water you were told to dump on your head, meaning only straightforward and decisive actions can help you out of this situation. It is also quite possible that your husband is already thinking of or planning on having a conversation with you soon to sort things out.


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