Climb Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Climb explained:

How are you climbing? This dream relates to your current life’s movements. Weather you are struggling or making it up easy suggest how you are going by on life.

Taking a dangerous cliffhanger climb is a sign of unwelcome spontaneity. It could mean that a close friend or family member will unpleasantly surprise you with an action that will adversely affect your life for a long time.

To dream that someone is helping you climb a wall portends happiness in your future. This joy may stem from finding your partner in life. Your fears and anxieties would dissipate once you finally find someone you can trust and would like to spend the rest of your life with. The dream symbol, thus, represents a partner who would support you and help you overcome whatever challenges coming your way. This partnership could also refer to a business partner or a mentor.

Dreaming of trying to climb a wall with a smooth and slippery surface could be an indication of anxiety and insecurity. Perhaps you are about to face a large audience or make a presentation which is making you feel apprehensive. Your stage fright and fear of public speaking likely stems from your insecurity about your appearance as well as a fear of being judged. A lack of practice and exposure could also contribute to your anxieties. Perhaps you can calm your nerves by practicing with people you are comfortable with.

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