Coming out as bisexual

Coming out as bisexual Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming that you are bisexual could mean that you have not fully embraced your flaws and weaknesses. Alternatively, it could also reveal your inability to fully express your sexuality. Perhaps societal expectations or conservative beliefs are preventing you from doing so. This does not necessarily mean that you could be attracted to both genders, only that you may be going through an identity crisis because of your inherent fear of judgment and disapproval, especially from your loved ones. Living in fear of other people's opinions may be making your subconscious restless, which is why it is forcing you to confront these suppressed issues.

Coming across an axe suddenly during the course of a dream vision, for example, when you open a closet or reach into a box, could be a sign that danger is looming around you in reality. The sudden appearance of a possibly deadly weapon suggests your subconscious is aware of something or someone lurking in the shadows, and it wants to warn you so you can be prepared. On occasion, this type of symbol is also seen by those who have come to realize the amount of conflict and aggression present in their everyday lives.

Dreaming that bugs are coming out of your eyes portends the start of a new venture or project. The bugs specifically point to a new endeavor which brings you great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, while the exit location of the eyes suggests you would act as the leader or director, managing others and setting deadlines so that everyone stays on task. While you would be very happy being in charge of a project you feel strongly about, be careful not to let the power go to your head.

Wasps are generally a contradictory symbol associated both with good news and harmful gossip. Envisioning wasps forming in cocoons and flying out of your ear may reveal that you would be the source of one of these outcomes. This means you could use your influence to share some positive, uplifting information about others, or you could spread malicious rumors intended to hurt and degrade others. The presence of your family in the dream could suggest the scope of these circumstances, perhaps involving your extended family or a close group of friends. You may want to be careful if you have already shared some information with those around you.

A dream in which you see yourself emerging out of river water is an optimistic sign. It signifies that you would become a recipient of worthy and exhilarating news which may favorably change the course of your life.

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