Crew Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Crew explained:

May represent integration of differing aspects of self.

Envisioning yourself working as a cabin crew of a commercial airplane, perhaps giving out safety instructions to the passengers or accomplishing in-flight duties while in transit, points to the effort needed to get to your destination or attain the kind of life you want for yourself. This means that you do have the potential to realize your dreams if you remain focused and put in the work needed to be good at your chosen field. Otherwise, laziness and procrastination would only lead to stagnation and a mediocre existence.

Envisioning yourself as a member of the aircraft's crew, such as a flight attendant or a co-captain, is an indication of your determination and perseverance. You will not immediately achieve the level of success you want. You may even have to start at the bottom, but eventually you would climb your way up to the status or position you have been aiming for. With enough focus, confidence and hard work, your dreams will be realized. You just need to have patience and believe in your capabilities.

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