Criminal Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Criminal explained:

May represent immorality, offensiveness, or recklessness.

Dreaming about observing a criminal getting away from justice on a horse is commonly a very positive sign. It may mean that you will be able to avoid some impeding danger due to the use of your own good judgment and analytical skills. That is, the fugitive was smart enough to use the available runaway means. Similarly, you may also be able to do likewise when faced with a menace and skillfully return to safety.

Dreaming about walking down the road with a criminal in tow is a good sign which indicates a delightful or fortunate occurrence which would come as a complete surprise. Winning a lottery jackpot or meeting a person who could change your personal or professional life for the better are but some of the possibilities which might happen to you after experiencing this rather awkward and uncomfortable dream vision.

Inviting a criminal into your home in a dream right after he or she had committed a crime somewhere else, whether or not you had been aware of it, is a grim indication of financial hardships which could soon happen to your entire family. If you are currently having financial issues or compromising your basic needs to try to make both ends meet, this could be the beginning of a long period of your struggles with money, or the lack of it, which could even escalate to poverty if not addressed immediately.

If you are a young woman, befriending or associating with a criminal in a dream indicates the possibility of experiencing strains in the relationship due to insensitivity. Your excessive demands from your romantic partner could push that person to the edge. For instance, you could be treating the person like a slave whom you could order around whenever you want. It is also possible that your vivacious personality, whether you are aware of it or not, may be driving your romantic partner crazy. You need to have some sensitivity if you still want this relationship to work.

Dreaming about being a part of a mafia, a crime syndicate or an organized crime group indicates the possibility of attending a wild and raucous party or social gathering where every one is expected to toss their inhibitions out the window. While it could be nice to let your hair down once in a while, you would still want to exercise due prudence and to exhibit some sense of decency in all your actions on these occasions. In this day and age, you certainly would not allow very compromising, revealing and vulgar moments of your personality to be captured for public view or splashed across social media for all to see.


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