Crouching tiger Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Crouching tiger explained:

A dream in which you perceive a crouching tiger is an indication of the base or ruthless behavior shown towards you by a person who you felt was very dear to you. You might face infidelity or betrayal on their behalf and this in turn might cause few major issues and dilemmas in your relationship. It might also have an irrevocable influence on your life.

A dream in which you find yourself encountering or stumbling upon a snarling tiger is symbolic of the obligations and allegiances that you have to fulfill along with certain responsibilities in order to progress further or onwards.

A dream in which you see yourself confronting an agitated or roused tiger can be considered as a symbol of unanticipated confrontations. Additionally it could also signify a startling assault from people whom you might have least expected to behave in such an abominable manner towards you or show such confrontational behavior.

Dreaming about being carried forward by a tiger or riding on its back signifies the good vibes about to enter your life. Its an indication that you would be able to settle and resolve obnoxious and distasteful situations. These circumstances could work in your favor and would have a vast impact on your present situation if you make decisions which are prudent and judicious.

A dream in which you see yourself chasing or stalking a tiger must be considered as a significant indication of receiving an appealing job offer. This task might prove to be effortless for you and for which you might receive great deal of admiration and acclamation.

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