Crowd of people Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Crowd of people explained:

May represent your supporters, or feeling supported.

Being in a crowd of women in your dream means that you are about to be betrayed by the person you are involved with. This can also refer to separating from your significant other, and experiencing heartache in the process.

Dreaming about a bunch of old people right in front of you signifies long life ahead of you.

Seeing a crowd of people right in front of you in your dream signifies receiving some kind of news or announcement which is important to you.

If you dream about about bikers on their bikes in the streets, it could mean that you would like to break free from societal norms and get some breathing space. It also shows your desire to move above society's pressure of what is wrong and right and pave your own journey. This is indicative of the fact that you would like to prove your point of view to just about everyone, so that they may respect you for who you really are.

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Crowd of people

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