Dandelion Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream of a dandelion is like seeing a rose through its thorn, they represent joyous places. It means that you’ve turned a bad situation around to the best of your abilities and you are content with things. Giving these pretty weeds represents an understanding of someone or a person who they represent. Whereas receiving dandelions means you look at your relationship with the person who gave you them, or someone who they represent, as a realist. Dandelions can be seen as ugly weeds which need to be eliminated and so dreaming of spraying them would mean getting rid of the imperfections in your life. While blowing on dandelions, suggests that you want to save time want time and wishes it slows down. However, eating them is not a good sign, it means you need to be wary of your health or you will suffer.

May symbolize male sperm (seeds).

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