Decadence Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Decadence explained:

Decadent behavior could be described as self indulging attitudes or some form of immoral action towards something or someone so as to contribute to the loss of innocence. As such, the meaning of decadence would rely on each individual’s personal views. One may think that seducing a woman in a committed relationship would be decadence while other people would say craving on some form of food to satisfy a craving is decadence. For whatever you believe to be decadence, if you are the one being decadent it means you have problems with your behavior and you fear you let it out. Consequently it plays out in your dream instead of when you are in your conscious state, like a movie just for enjoyment. However, if you enjoy it in your dream it means that you need to let some of it out in your walking life, have a bit of fun and loosen up on yourself a bit. Be careful though because if you are trying to control an addiction and your addiction is letting loose in your dream, make sure it is controlled there as well because it is trying to get out of your subconscious and into your reality. Also someone else may be trying to persuade you to do something in your conscious state which you may not be comfortable with, your dream would let you know whether you are strong enough to handle it or not. If you have superiority and self control you do not need to worry but if you struggle with the thought of the person’s actions of decadence in your dream, you need to stand up and make sure you know what you want.

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