Disliking a swimming pool Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Disliking a swimming pool explained:

A dream about a swimming pool or any pool of water may be referring to the unconscious and/or your emotions may suggest that you are exploring your unconscious and trying to get to know, understand and appreciate yourself more.

Swimming suggests that you are in sync with your unconscious (the ocean), you listen to it in your waking life and are receptive to its creative powers .

Could you be exploring a deep part of your emotions right now? Water represents our emotions so what was your swimming dream like? Did you have trouble or where you enjoying it? Where are you swimming and who where you with? These types of questions to ask help you find out what could be the real meaning of your water dream.

Dreaming that you are having a strong aversion or dislike to pools signifies temporary separation. A loved one or a dear friend might soon bid you goodbye. But it is not for long. This person may only be having a vacation or a business trip out of town, or moving on a temporary basis to a new location while the old place is undergoing renovations. Soon this person would be back in your life, and you would resume doing what you used to be doing together.

Dreaming of seeing an empty pool indicates a period of emptiness in your own life. You may have just ended a relationship, and you are presently in a state of shock and denial. This could only be the beginning of a period of loss and pain which could mean going through other emotional states on your way to recovery and being ready to fall in love again. This dream reminds you that the passing of time can help you heal and be whole again.

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