Dreaming with Wool Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Dreaming with Wool explained:

May symbolize warmth, protection and comfort.

Having a dream about seeing a ram having thick and very long wool predicts a happy life ahead for you. Year after year, your life would be full of pleasures and satisfaction. It will be free of any worries or anxieties for a long period of time.

Dreaming about buildings being constructed signifies upcoming changes in your life. These circumstances could be related to getting ahead work-wise or acquiring a higher status in other spheres, such as financial improvement. However, the positive imagery is negated by the symbolism of red-colored wool. The color red in this case represents discord. It implies that you may become separated from your friends and family through quarrels. Such conflicts could be the result of you achieving success and perhaps taking too much pride in it. Remain humble and try to keep your loved ones close by regardless of your position in life.

May suggest it would be good to focus on yourself more.

May represent the Roman numeral M (1000).

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