Dreaming with aura Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Dreaming with aura explained:

Seeing your own aura is a sign of inner conflict. You dwell too much on your personal issues and struggles to the point that your attention is being drawn away from things that could be more beneficial or productive for you. Try to be more positive when it comes to your personal outlook on life.

May suggest receiving important information and insights.

Seeing dark and dense aura tells you of uncertainty. You have a lot of questions and doubts in your mind that need to be answered or silenced. It can also refer to having some health issues. Try to discern which of the two is more likely to happen.

A brightly glowing aura above someone you are dreaming about is a sign of good fortune. Whatever you're working on right now will be successful and you will gain much prosperity because of it.

Seeing a person with an aura or an aura appearing above the head of a friend or relative is an indication of trustworthiness. This person is very reliable and you can always depend on his or her for help or assistance when you need it.

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