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In the context of this dream vision, the children you have symbolize your everyday small achievements and routines you have to go through. However, you could be feeling that they could be more meaningful and you would feel more accomplished if you had a person or people to share your aspirations with or simply be appreciated and valued for what you do. In general, children in dreams represent going through changes or making positive transformations in your waking life. You could be considering welcoming new people and experiences that come with that, and taking small steps to make it happen, with or without trying to make it a top priority.

Having different shades of hair or streaks of different colors on your head or somebody else's refers to internal struggles. You tend to be indecisive and unsure when making decisions. This dream tells you to be more careful when it comes to decision-making.

May represent feeling unconventional or unusual.

Dreaming about a family of rabbits symbolically represents both the children present in your family (either your own or belonging to your relative) and your ability or interest to care for them. You may have a calling to spend time with children or simply to love and protect them. The snake represents your fear, possibly about having the responsibility for these young lives who depend on and look up to you, while the lizard suggests you are slowly learning more and more about yourself and the nature of your current situation little by little, easing some of the worry you may have and giving you confidence.

Dreaming that your face looks different, perhaps some parts like your nose and lips are bigger or smaller than your actual features, means you may be expecting major changes in your life as a result of self-reflection. This may happen because certain people in your life, friends or family, may call you out on your bad behavior or character flaws. For example, if you are rather reckless and irresponsible, then this may be a turning point for you as you make a conscious effort to improve yourself.

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