Dreaming with hose Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Dreaming with hose explained:

A dream of a hose has two meanings, it either signifies the male penis or it represents you are overcoming your emotional pain. Try to figure out your feelings to understand the dream.

Could this be a phallic symbol for the male sexual organ?

May be a phallic symbol.

Nightmares are reflections of real-world fears and anxieties. The shadow of the Devil in your dream could be a representation of negative emotions and thoughts you are harboring. Some ill-conceived ideas and brewing anger may be taking root in your head due to frustrating circumstances at work or in your home. As such, the hose symbolizes your awareness that you need to control harmful thoughts and actions. It shows your need for cleansing and purification from your personal demons. Consequently, the blue flame is a symbol of divine intervention and spiritual guidance. You may have to hold on to your faith and ideals so as not to succumb to evil temptations.

May suggest it would be good to focus on yourself more.

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Dreaming with hose

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