Dreaming with mopping

Dreaming with mopping Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May suggest a desire to clean up some mess or problem.

Dreaming of mopping floors inside your home is a sign of someone leaving very soon whom you are close to. This could be a close friend or someone in your immediate family. This departure could mean that they will be moving away very soon, and leaving the role that they have had in your life for so long. On the other hand, the coming departure may be more permanent, and tells that soon you will have a friend or family member pass away. Whatever the case, you will feel the loss very deeply, and may even feel as though you have lost a part of yourself.

Mopping floors at a bank or being employed as a janitor in a bank is an vision that could be indicative of financial troubles. You could soon experience serious financial problems as your excessive spending catch up on you. You might lose a significant amount of money which could in turn bring you to severe difficulties and even bankruptcy if you are not careful about it. When you have this dream, try to be more cautious about how you spend your money and try to save more.

Dreaming of mopping or scrubbing the floors in your house or someone else's house is a warning of the passing away or untimely departure of someone in your family or someone who is very close to you as a friend.

Dreaming of mopping or scrubbing the floors of a building you own or a random building is a warning that someone close to you is about to pass away or have an untimely departure. This individual could be someone in your family or a friend whom you care about deeply.

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