Dreaming with up and down

Dreaming with up and down Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May symbolize a chaotic or disorderly environment.

Dreaming that a bird has been shot down, by a rifle-bearing hunter, yourself or a kid throwing stones at the unsuspecting bird, carries a prophetic dream interpretation. The meanings may vary depending on the dreamer's situation. For people in the sales industry, it is an auspicious sign of surpassing targets and sales quota that could potentially lead to a promotion. For dreamers who are in love, this means your relationship would become even deeper and more stable, so it could even result in marriage.

A broken down car means that in the very near future, bad news will come knocking on your doorstep.

The dream image of a house falling apart or falling down means your current plans or projects may be sabotaged. An envious colleague, friend or even family member may try to foil your plans by causing conflict or obstacles that may delay your venture or cause total failure. Authority figures or your bosses may even be the ones who would interfere for reasons that you would not understand. Perhaps there is a bigger picture that you need to see if you ever hope to accomplish your goals.

This vision is an ominous sign in regards to your financial situation. Multiple shops in the same place, such as a mall or downtown area, represent commerce and financial growth. However, the shops in your dream are closed and the windows are shuttered meaning you are likely to go through a period of financial hardship. This could bring on feelings of sadness and depression, especially if it lasts for many months.

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