Drowning in a pond

Drowning in a pond Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May symbolize calm emotions, tranquility or quiet reflection.

Drowning is a common dream theme which usually occurs when we are under a lot of physical or emotional stress in waking life.

In a dream it is the total opposite of drought, it means you are drowning with emotions and they have become too much to bare. If someone is trying to drown you then you need to examine your associations in life and see which one is causing you distress or a vast amount of emotions. If you dream of someone else is drowning it represents some loss of your emotions or characteristics also that someone needs your help with emotional support.

Bodies of water in the dream world usually represent emotions and the state of your subconscious mind. Pond, in particular, can mean to ponder or a reference to introspection. In that context, falling into the pond could mean that you could be facing an emotionally-charged period in your life. There is a chance that you would have a hard time controlling your emotions and in the process, perhaps, feel neglected or alone while sorting out your inner turmoil.

Dreaming of a drowning woman or seeing an incident where a woman is drowning refers to something favorable that could happen in your life in the near future. Your efforts would finally pay off and the project or venture that you have been working hard on for years or a considerable amount of time would find its fruition. You will gain success on this endeavor and this will bring you the sense of fulfillment.

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