Drunk Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Drunk explained:

Being drunk in your dream means that your actions are thoughtless you are trying to run away from reality.

Seeing your brother as drunk or intoxicated could have two possible interpretations. In some cases, this symbol refers to accidentally hurting yourself while cutting something. If you often use scissors, knives or some other implement, you should take precautions and go more slowly. The other interpretation implies you would soon witness or be part of some bloodshed, although the nature of the affair would depend on other symbols in the vision.

A dream about encountering a drunk stranger symbolizes engaging in an unprofitable project or business venture. Perhaps seeing the success of others who have ventured into a similar undertaking, you would be tempted to invest your hard-earned money in an attempt to join the bandwagon and make substantial profits in the process. You may not have realized that the market has been saturated because hundreds of other business-minded people had the same idea and now you are fighting over a very small slice of the proverbial pie.

You may be feeling you have no control over your life or that someone else is controlling you.

The interpretation of this dream would depend on whether you have faced similar behavior exhibited by your husband in reality. If you have been exposed to similar kind of behavior by him in real life, this vision could mean that you are worried and concerned about that the fact that his escapades might be starting to cast a shadow on your own personal character and reputation. Therefore, this uncomfortable feeling is projected into your subconscious state as dream visions. If your husband is a complete opposite of what you have witnessed in this dream, this could mean that you are sensing the presence of some non-typical trends in his recent behavior and conduct (most likely when you are together) which are starting to bother or embarrass you, even though they could be benign and non-threatening to your relationship with him or with other people around.

Dreaming that you are getting wasted or inebriated from having too much liquor to drink is ominous of the failure or derailment of a project or undertaking. You are currently or soon would be involved in a money-making activity or business venture with high hopes of turning it into a smashing success, but the collective efforts of all people involved in the project or undertaking would not be enough to get to that desired result, much less tackle the problems and challenges which would swamp it in the process, leaving you and your partners deeply disappointed.

Dreaming about consuming copious amounts of liquor without getting drunk is a symbol of grand ideas turning into reality. Whatever plans you have at present, they could materialize and result in something big and successful provided you have gained insight into what you need to do. You may need people you can trust to guide you and help you during the initial stages.

Driving a bike under a bridge stands for escapism, likely from some situation which is crucial for you. It is a reflection of uncertainty caused, as it seems, by a low self-esteem, which is unjustified. The type of relationship you have with your girlfriend is probably characterized by her strong dependence on you or the way you unfairly treat her at times. However, her slip into somnolence and unresponsiveness seen in this dream are indicative of the transitional nature of your problems which can be overcome and solved by paying more attention to her needs and letting her be an equal part of this relationship.

Caring for someone in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of dual realities or being exposed to a completely different side of a person or people close to you. In this case, it is probably your crush (seen literally in this vision). Taking care of and helping a person for whatever reason also suggests that they maintain a certain image on the surface which affects how people perceive them. However, given your special role of a caretaker, you are able to see past the mask and know this person on a deeper, more intimate level.


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