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To dream about Duck explained:

Dreaming of ducks is symbolic to family life, child bearing and intimacy. Eating a duck in your dream means you desire someone sexually while seeing one represents your fruitfulness at home and the fact that you are able to conceive a child.

A wild duck, roaming the marshes, ponds or protected forests and areas in the neighborhood, signifies freedom and a carefree lifestyle that you may be leading in reality. You are likely very independent and love to try new things because you are not yet tied down with responsibilities or commitments to anyone. This dream vision suggests that you would live this kind of lifestyle for much longer, so you can still explore and experiment without any major conflicts or consequences.

A fried duck, such as the deep-fried Chinese variety or a golden brown thigh part of the duck you are eating for a meal, points to the realization of your biggest goals and ambitions. It would not happen overnight, but this dream symbol does attest to your razor sharp focus and determination, so no matter how many hurdles get thrown your way, you always have your eyes on the target. This perseverance coupled with patience assures your eventual triumph in your competitive field.

Buying a duck, whether it is a cooked duck or a live duck which you intend to raise for commercial reasons, can be interpreted in two ways depending on your civil status. For unmarried individuals, this points to potentially getting married soon. This is especially true if you are already in a relationship. If not, then you may end up settling down with your next boyfriend or girlfriend. Meanwhile, married dreamers can expect a baby girl being part of the family, whether she is your biological daughter or adopted.

Seeing a duck in a dream vision generally signifies a truce. Maybe you catch a glimpse of a duck cruising downstream or a painting of a farm with ducks in it. Images of a duck portend peace and positive developments with real-world rivals or enemies. You could find yourselves with a common enemy which would require you to join forces, or maybe you would reach an agreement which would be mutually beneficial and this would finally put an end to your long-time rivalry.

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  2. Quacking of a duck - Hearing the quacking of a duck or ducks even without seeing the ducks, perhaps when they are in the yard or as you are approaching a lake during a picnic, means you may have a tendency of ignoring war... Learn More!
  3. Dreaming with duck - May symbolize the part of your animal energy that is like a duck.... Learn More!
  4. A domesticated duck - A domesticated duck, such as a duck you are keeping as a pet and housing it in your own backyard or farm if you have one in the dream vision, means you may enter a nesting period. Even if you are not ... Learn More!
  5. A duck flying to you - Dreaming that a duck is flying towards you, perhaps because you are feeding it with crumbs or maybe because it is curious about your presence, is an auspicious dream symbol about welcoming blessings a... Learn More!
  6. Shooting a wild duck - Shooting a wild duck in a vision, while you are out in the wilderness camping and hunting with friends, means your freedom and independence may be threatened in reality. Perhaps financial constraints ... Learn More!
  7. A duck swimming nearby - While a neutral symbol by itself, the symbol of the duck in water could take on slightly different meanings depending on the direction it was moving. If the duck seemed to be swimming toward you, the ... Learn More!
  8. A wild duck with a drake - Seeing a wild duck accompanied by a drake that is likely its mate, or even managing to witness them in the act of mating, symbolizes a stable, happy and fulfilling life for people who are already marr... Learn More!
  9. A duck flying into your house - Dreaming that a duck flies into your house, through an open window or a door that is ajar, is a harbinger of hardships and misfortune ahead. In general this dream symbol just lets you know that troubl... Learn More!
  10. A mother duck with ducklings - A mother duck with its ducklings, maybe in a duck nest in the wilderness or a duck box in a more domesticated environment, suggests a long road to success. Perhaps you would need to go through a lot o... Learn More!

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